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In its introductory year in 2015, the Standard quickly became the go to board for hellmen such as Romain that have a hard time just cruisin’ around. With the Standard, what you put in, you get out in spades!

Using the Direction Volume Twin as its outline, the Standard has all the benefits of a true twin – equal swing weight, balance and symmetry – but it floats like a directional board when you need it to. To make it even more versatile, we’ve added Kevin Sansalone’s “Slam-Back” inserts so you can get your stance way back on those bottomless days. – Thanks Kev!

Under the top sheet, our most technically advanced core – the Power Drive – has gone through a major overhaul. Custom milled channels in the core are fitted with Bamboo rods wrapped in carbon, creating inner core tension that is perfectly matched to the sidecut of each board. The new Carbon PowerDrive core amplifies rider input into powerful rail-to-rail transitions and explosive turns.

  • RIDERS: Romain De Marchi, Benji Ritchie
  • LENGTHS: 154, 156, 156W, 158, 159W, 161W
  • SHAPE: Twin
  • OUTLINE: Directional Volume Twin
  • FLEX: 4.5 / 5
  • BASE PROFILE: Modern Camber
  • CORE: Bamboo + Carbon PowerDrive
  • GLASS: Triax
  • BASE MATERIAL: Sintered True


As the lines between freeride and freestyle continue to erase we needed to address the need for guys committed to riding only twins but finding themselves in more pow. Nose and tail volume is hard to notice in hardpack unless you’re nose/tail pressing, but in pow it affects floatation and you can feel it. This led to the simple idea of the Directional Volume Twin. Symmetrical flex, centered stance, identical wide-points of the board (therefore, NOT tapered), identical length shovel lengths but with a slightly lower volume tail.


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