CALLAWAY Steelhead XR Fairway Woods


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Features + Details

Easy Launch from Classic Steelhead Shape + Modern Hawkeye Sole

We improved the iconic Steelhead shape and refined our modern Hawkeye Sole to create a versatile, confidence-building head that’s super-easy to launch.

Fast Ball Speed from Next-Generation Face Cup Technology

Our next-generation Hyper Speed Face Cup is exceptionally efficient at delivering fast ball speed and distance across the entire face, especially on mis-hits.

Extreme Forgiveness from a J-36 Carbon Crown and Shorter Hosel

Lightweight J-36 carbon crown saves substantial weight that’s repositioned in the perimeter for more forgiveness, easier launch, lower spin and added power. The shorter hosel frees up even more weight in the head and looks appealing too.

Fast Head Speed from Speed Step Technology

Developed with direct input from aerospace experts, our proprietary Speed Step improves aerodynamics for fast swing speed and distance.

Premium Stock Shaft for Power and Control

Stock Mitsubishi Tensei CK shaft is designed and engineered to deliver the optimum balance of power and control.

Wide Variety Of Loft Options

A wide range of models and lofts are available, including a 7-wood, 9-wood, and Heavenwood. 3+ (13.5°) and 4+ (16°) models are also available with flatter lies and more compact shapes to appeal to the better player.

Men's 2017 Steelhead XR Fairway Wood Product Specs

NameLoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieCCShaft Weight*Swing Weight
3+W13.5°RH Only43.00"55.00°16365gD3
3W15°RH / LH43.00"56.50°17155gD2
4+W16°RH Only42.50"55.00°15765gD3
5W18°RH / LH42.50"57.00°16055gD2
Heavenwood20.5°RH / LH42.75"57.00°16555gD2
7W21°RH / LH42.00"57.50°15255gD2
9W24°RH / LH41.50"58.00°14555gD2

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 65 Graphite

ManufacturerFlexShaft Weight*TorqueKickpoint

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 55 Graphite

ManufacturerFlexShaft Weight*TorqueKickpoint

Women's 2017 Steelhead XR Fairway Wood Product Specs

NameLoftAvailabilityStandard LengthLieCCShaft Weight*Swing Weight
3W15°RH / LH Custom Only42.00"56.50°17145gC7
5W18°RH / LH Custom Only41.50"57.00°16045gC7
Heavenwood20.5°RH / LH Custom Only41.75"57.00°16545gC7
7W21°RH / LH Custom Only41.00"57.50°15245gC7
9W24°RH / LH Custom Only40.50"58.00°14545gC7

Mitsubishi Tensei CK Blue 45 Graphite Womens

ManufacturerFlexShaft Weight*TorqueKickpoint


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CALLAWAY Steelhead XR Fairway Woods

CALLAWAY Steelhead XR Fairway Woods